5 Bruce Lee Style Personal Finance Lessons That Will Inspire Financial Professionals

The world balancing on a rope - concept with image from NASA
The world balancing on a rope – concept with image from NASA

Little did you know that martial arts and financial planning had some of the most important things in common. Late legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee, who is revered all through the world for his skills in this art, would be quite surprised to find out that one can frequently see parallels between the two disciplines of the organization.


Here are the top five personal finance lessons in Bruce Lee style:


1)  One must NOT wait for opportunities but should create them.


This quote aspires one to keep striving for more achievements as time passes by. No matter how low a level you start off with, you will always come across endless opportunities to make your financial situation better. And if you don’t get any opportunities, don’t worry as creative geniuses will always find out a way to create one.


2) Aim HIGHER than what your goal is and you will certainly reach great stages of success.

Similar to, ‘Aim for the moon and you will certainly reach the stars,’ this quote,  when simply put, can be interpreted as how one must always keep a positive attitude when it comes to reaching your goals. You must purposely set goals that are out of reach, and then work backward from there onwards.


3)  Believe in yourself and the rest will follow.


You will truly never find the space you deserve if you don’t shine through your unique personality. Each of us is blessed with individual qualities that distinguish us from one and another. Therefore, trying to become a carbon copy can lead to financial trouble or trouble of any kind for that instance.


4) Make each and every moment count in life as life is too short.


Make the most of the smallest of things because life, after all, is too short. Enjoy your life as much as you can as it you can’t take it with you when you’re dead. Work hard, but don’t forget to enjoy the fruits of the labor such as Chicago SEO, as well.


5) Become a master and have the ability to transform your vision into reality.


The key to financial success is not about coming up with a million dollar idea, alone. But what helps you achieve financial independence is when you figure out the way to transform your vision into reality. Focus and gain mastery in the method you are planning on utilizing. Learn how to manage and save your finances, and you will surely become an achiever.


Even though, Bruce Lee passed away more than 40 years ago, not only do his words continue to mould martial arts followers even today, but they too serve to be a source of inspiration for financial professionals.