How Does Your Credit Scores Define and Decide Your Love Life?

crdit score love life

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and all you lovebirds may definitely have some or other things planned for this special day. While, making the top ten list of the most romantic restaurants and checking on the best florists are important aspects that every partner should take care of, there is one even more significant thing that needs proper attention, i.e. seeking advice to shape your love life in a better manner. And you’ll be surprised to know that the Federal Reserve Board is considered to be one of the top advisers on this subject.


A well-established link between credit scores and committed relationships was observed by the Federal Reserve System‍. After appropriately analyzing the same, it was found that couples with a higher credit score are more likely to engage in a committed relationship than others. With further in-depth analysis after considering other factors, a result of 93 – point increase in a couple’s initial average credit score was obtained. In other words, lower credit scores indirectly led to relationship distress, especially given the financial implications.


Credit score indicates a certain kind of trustworthiness skill that people bring to life and relationships, according to co-author Jane Dokko of The Brookings Institution.


Moreover, it was even found that people generally tend to have similar scores before entering into a relationship, but these scores get diverged over time. It is even more negative for those who already have pre-existing differences. In situations like these, a 66-point difference in scores indicates a 25% increase in the likelihood of separation after a point of time, whereas a mere 10% increase in difference might enable the relationship to last longer. Dokko further adds, “It might be easier to work through issues if you have walked in those shoes yourself.”

There are also “money secret” problems that are prevailing these days. A survey from insurer Haven Life even found that one in five Americans hold debts about which their partners don’t even know. This can lead to severe barriers on the way for a relationship. At the same time, there are many who prefer to hide their real income from their partners. Then, there are cases where most of the couples don’t  even discuss financial matters with each other.


This all and more are some of the underlying issues that can be tackled way before if you are aware of it. It is important for partners to be on the same page, especially if it is related to the finance. Sharing your credit scores with each other will enable the process of making your relationship to be a smooth ride.


Discuss your issues with each other and keep each other informed about which financial stage you are on. Plan your money-spending decisions on the basis of a mutual agreement with your partner and the Federal Reserve Bank will help you with the same.