Is There Any Wisdom in Using a Personal Loan for Debt Consolidation?


In America today, there are many people who have found themselves in serious debt. In many cases, that debt becomes so overwhelming that it can sometimes seem like there is no way out. Because of this hopeless feeling, many people turn to debt consolidation.

While there are many ways to accomplish debt consolidation, one of the most common ways is through a personal loan.With this form of debt consolidation, a person simply takes out a loan, uses the loan to pay off all outstanding debt, and then pays back the loan a little at a time.

Even though taking out a personal loan to undergo debt consolidation is a very smart and straightforward choice, many people warn against it, arguing that it only creates more problems and debt. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth.

As long as you are careful to take out a loan with decent interest rates and to pay back the loan as agreed upon, it can actually provide a wonderful way to get back on your feet financially and come with many excellent benefits to boot.

Benefit #1: You Don’t Risk Losing Everything

To begin with, one of the major benefits of using a personal loan to consolidate debt is that you don’t have to seek other, riskier options, such as taking out a second mortgage, filing for bankruptcy, or using an equity line of credit, to attempt to pay off your debt.

When you pursue these high risk options, you risk losing your home, and, in some cases, all of your assets, which is scary. Life can take unexpected twists and turns, and you really don’t want to take such big chances with the things that matter most.

Fortunately, with a personal loan, you’re not taking any big risk. Your home and your assets are not at stake, meaning you can pay off your debt without that constant fear of losing everything hanging over you.

Benefit #2: You Make Your Debt More Manageable

Another really nice thing about using a personal loan to consolidate debt is that you make your debt a lot easier and simpler to pay off and just to manage in general.

When you’re just dealing with plain old debt, you have to make multiple payments each month, and keeping track of what you owe, when, and to whom can be utterly disorienting.

If you don’t want to constantly worry (and who does?) and would prefer to just pay off one bill per month and take care of all your debt, then debt consolidation via a personal loan is definitely the solution you’ve been looking for.

Benefit #3: Less Interest

Finally, when you choose to consolidate your debt through a personal loan, you will only be paying interest on one loan. And that definitely involves a lot less interest than paying off multiple loans, each with their own interest rate,s would require. In that regard, you save big money over the long run.

As you can see, contrary to what some might say, there are a great many benefits to paying off your debt through a personal loan. Consider this option carefully, and, if you feel it could work for you, then go for it; you have nothing to lose!