Ways To Save Money When Eating Out During The Work Week


Not everyone has the time to spend making coffee or preparing lunch in the morning. It is just not possible for some people (especially those who like to hit the snooze button). If you don’t have time the night before or before you take off out the door in the morning, you are most likely going to spend money buying your morning coffee or eating out with coworkers at lunch. There are several ways that you can save money when spending money on food during the work week.


Coupons, coupons, coupons

Every week a new circular ad is delivered in the mailbox with a variety of fast food coupons, which provide discounted prices on popular menu items. Usually these coupons do not expire for at least a month, so you can cut out the ones you might use, and take them to work with you. If you don’t receive a weekly circular with coupons, ask your family and friends. If they happen to see a restaurant coupon, they can save it for you. It also doesn’t hurt to search for coupons online, as many restaurants even offer coupons directly from their websites.


Order smaller portions

It might not be the healthiest option, but if you are looking to save some money you can order smaller portions, such as items off of a dollar menu at a fast food restaurant. A cheeseburger and two packs of apple slices from McDonalds would cost you $2 plus tax, and is a healthier lunch option. You can also ask for a cup for water rather than spending money on a fountain drink. Some people feel extremely hungry come lunch time, and spend money on a larger portion of food. Bringing a small snack from home to eat during the day is a good way to help keep your portions down at lunch time.


Fill your own coffee mug in the morning

There are several coffee shops that charge a great rate to fill up your own personal thermos with coffee. This is a great idea if you are an all day coffee drinker who needs that midday energy boost. Although filling up your own mug only saves you a few cents, if you are a daily coffee drinker, this results in significant  savings throughout the month.


Check for discount cards or Groupon discounts

Many restaurants offer discount cards for so many meals purchased at their restaurant. If you really enjoy eating at one particular place, check to see if they have rewards program for loyal customers. Groupon also offers a search option of dining locations in your area. Several restaurants are listed with discounts off of your bill. Some of these options are pay $7 for $14 worth of food, or 20% off your bill.

Although brown bagging your lunch and brewing your own coffee in the morning can save you thousands of dollars a year, there are definitely still some options available to those who find themselves spending money on lunch and coffee during the work week.